Thursday, August 16, 2012


This is the second time we've named a blog post with the title "Blasted!"  The first time was July 2010, when Caleb was in the middle of hard chemo.  Now, we can say it again, but this time the medicine is done! We just learned the results today from Tuesday's bone marrow aspiration: there are no more blasts in Caleb's bone marrow!  Caleb is in remission!  Praise God for healing! 
Give thanks with us!


Anonymous said...

Words do not suffice. Enjoy. We are celebrating with freezies here. Zoe asked the same questions you mentioned in your previous post "I bet when Haley had cancer she..." It does feel weird. We're so happy for you.
~The McCoys

anya genevieve said...

I dont know waht to say, only Thank God and how happy I am for you all. I'm praying and thinking of you guys, and hope to see you again soon. love to all, anya

Kevin Huinink said...

SO AWESOME to read these last few posts. HOORAY!!!!

Rachel said...

Wonderful news! What an awesome God we serve!

Rachel Speelman